Workmate Workplace Solution – Re-Intro 2019

Our Mission

“Protect People at Workplace”

At Workmate our mission is to protect people at workplace. We work to acquire, provide new user specific inputs, across our supply chain, use pioneering technologies and our innovative capacities coupled with that of our supply chain partners, to provide safety products which reduce risks, protect people at workplace.

Our Strength – “Our belief and Approach”

Our Core belief, that we put into everything “Value Human Life.” Our approach to offer customized solutions after understanding, analyzing gaps which our clients may be facing, converting that into product offering which is in due compliance on both safety & cost parameters.

Our Story

Our Founder Mr. Vipul Bhuwania’s journey in this field began in Year 2008. Post January 2008 Global Melt-down in equity markets, Mr. Vipul Bhuwania decided to venture out and explore possible opportunities in industrial markets segments.

Being born & brought up in a Marwari business family,  his natural tendency to be an entrepreneur always existed and soon he joined an organization, selling goods on commission basis.

With his efforts & committed approach, coupled with support of the  organization, he rapidly developed & expanded market share of his products(industrial safety shoes) in dealers segments over the state of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu.

Upon successfully setting-up of channel sales distribution network. Mr. Vipul  Bhuwania ventured in industrial safety helmets segments and launched his brand of “Workmate” Safety Helmets.

After a fall out with the organization for whom he was selling industrial safety shoes, Mr. Bhuwania decided to continue his dreams on lines of his core belief  “VALUE HUMAN LIFE.” and gave shape to “WORKMATE WORKPLACE SOLUTIONS” during end of Year 2013.

His vast experience gained over the years, and his passion to bring innovative solutions to workplace has been driving force at Workmate Workplace Solutions since then.

From humble beginnings of selling industrial shoes, We at Workmate have been steadily increasing our product portfolio offering customized solutions and bringing world class safety products to our industrial clients.


Vipul Bhuwania

Founder & Sole Proprietor

Mr. Vipul Bhuwania pursued an MBA from ICFAI Universty (Dehradhun) under distance learning module. He has been an entrepreneur right from Year 2005, and now in the field of Industrial Safety since year 2008.

He has been understanding, customizing, delivering innovative solutions to his industrial clients. With constant focus, at improving cost efficiencies and developing innovation culture he has been admired by his supply chain partners over the years.

He has successfully developed, delivered solutions for his clients be it for

  • Safety Shoes for Ladies                        : Workmate DIVA Series
  • Clean-room Washable Safety Shoes :  Workmate Washables
  • Egress Route Solutions                        :  Egress Planning Essentials